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All of our driving instructors and examiners are DMV certified, trained, and have had full background checks. Our goal is to assure the student or tester is relaxed and comfortable, which allows them to learn properly and overcome any driving anxiety.

On The Road


Jose Romero II : Company President, Master Driving Instructor, DMV Certified Examiner, 25,000 Road Tests, Fingerprinting Technician.


Tim Johnson : General Manager, Master Instructor, DMV Certified Examiner

Tim Johnson is a Master driving instructor at Drivers' Educational School, Inc. and has been teaching driving for 10 years. Tim moved to Alaska to pursue his education and his love of the wilderness. He has a Masters degree in Environmental Science/Hydrology, has written a guidebook on Alaskan whitewater kayaking, organizes the Six Mile Creek Whitewater & Bluegrass Festival and the Snowjob Winter Festival, and has a passion for playing music and recreating outdoors.

Tim has taught over 1,000 people how to drive since 2006. His unique teaching style allows students to truly learn from their mistakes, which creates efficient and effective use of the student's time behind the wheel.


Brett E. Johnson : Driving Instructor, DMV Certified Examiner, AAA Lead Instructor, Fingerprinting Technician


David Morrisett : Master Driving Instructor, DMV Certified Examiner


Elijah Goodfarm : Driving Instructor, DMV Certified Examiner, Fingerprinting Technician


Danica F Mike : DMV Certified Examiner, Fingerprinting Technician

Office Staff


Joy Romero : Office Administrator, Fingerprinting Technician