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Drivers' Educational School is authorized by the DMV to administer the driving test. In our 41 years of business we have given approximately 100,000 road tests. The test can be given in a vehicle provided by the tester or one of our company vehicles. Our road tests are available by walk-in only during testing hours.

We know that taking the test can be nerve racking! Our staff will do their best to answer any questions before or after the test and maintain a calm testing environment. We encourage all testers to take the test only when they are fully ready to do so.

A few things to know about the test beforehand:

• The knowledge test must be taken at the DMV before the road test.

Download DMV manual
Practice permit test

• If the tester is under the age of 18, they must have their permit for at least 6 months before they can take the road test.

• A parent or legal guardian must give written consent for a minor to take the test. This can be done ahead of time by utilizing our notary services.
• The Division of Motor Vehicles requires that the driving test is in English only! We will do our best to communicate clearly, but we cannot give directions in other languages.
• The road test lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on traffic levels and light timing.
• Documents that will be needed:

• A valid Alaska Permit OR
• A photo ID and signed Permit test scores from the DMV (this option is only available for individuals over 18)
• Proof of current registration and insurance for the vehicle. It is state law that these documents are in the vehicle at all times!

• If the tester provides the vehicle, it must have:
working headlights, tail lights, turn signals, front and rear license plates, rear view and both side mirrors, functional seat belts, and windshield without cracks or acceptable cracks.
• Only the tester and the examiner are allowed in the vehicle. No interpreter or any type of passenger is permitted during the test. This includes animals.
• The examiner can answer questions before or after the test. It is DMV requirement that questions cannot be answered while the test is in progress.
• During the test, the examiner is only there to give direction and determine whether the tester can drive safely.
• The test consists of:
starting, stopping, parallel parking, emergency stop, backing up, use of turn signals, right and left turns, lane changing, merging on and off the highway, traffic controls, pedestrian crosswalks, intersections, shoulder checks, and general control of the vehicle.
• A few things that are cause for automatic failure:
Any violation of traffic laws, dangerous or reckless driving, lack of cooperation or refusing to follow direction, contributing to a wreck, inability to properly perform basic driving maneuvers.
• If the tester fails the road test, they must wait at least 7 days before they can take the test again at any facility in Alaska
• After the road test is finished the examiner will explain what the tester needs to practice and answer any questions the tester has.

Drivers' Educational School is dedicated to help drivers of all experience levels and backgrounds learn the language of the roadway. Road safety is a community effort that every person using the transportation system contributes to with their actions. Our goal is to assure that every new driver will be safe driving on their own.

Drivers' Be sure to be prepared.

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